It’s an all too common event happening right now on your Project " Just get more labour in and get them to clean it up." a phrase most of us are familiar with. This type of behavior is totally unacceptable and causes conflicting issues for the Commercial Manager and the Sub Contractors throughout the duration of the project.

However, this solution is no longer widely accepted. A more efficient and smarter way of working is required. Site Waste is a bespoke site where you can completely police your site, the Site Waste website will indeed help move the emphasis back to the sub-contractor by having the tools to calculate such works and contra-charge the full cost back to the contractor if necessary, or certainly at the discretion of the Commercial Team.

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The team at Site Waste are always pushing the boundaries in order to find the perfect solution for your organization. will soon be compatible with most modern day smart phones giving both contractor and client the peace of mind that their project is being managed in the most efficient manner and both parties releasing the commercial benefits.

Cost Tracking

An important factor is giving both client and contractor the option to monitor and track the costs incurred for not only the individual project but all prohects that are currently being utlized on

Strategic Organisation

A clean, tidy and organized site makes the project a safer place, and also gives the right perception to both the end user, Investors and the public.

Commerical Efficiency 

All contractors involved in the programme to become more commercially aware of their principle duties, and by doing so raising the level of efficiency for all involved.