How the system works

SWC runs simultaneously via a website and mobile application to ensure efficiency...

Mobile Application

The app’s main use of the app is for the project team to use their camera within the app to take a photo of the waste that needs to be cleared.

The photograph will then be uploaded directly to both the website and the mobile app.Once the notice has been completed, the automated email facility will forward an email in the form of a site waste clearance notice to the relevant office contact and site based personnel from the offending company.

Website application

The web app’s main use is for the offending contractor to acknowledge his notice. The notice will show the type, time, location and urgency required to rectify the contravention.

Depending on access levels, the web app allows you to manage Owner/Clients, Projects, Sub-contractors, notices and contra charges.

If the contractor does not rectify the situation then there will be no alternative but for the relevant Logistics Contractor to carry out the works on the contractor’s behalf, and the company will be contra-charged accordingly in line with the clients standard operating procedures.