Why should the sub-contractor be paying such fees, what will you get from it?

For the sub-contractor buying in to such a scheme will show their on - going commitment to such a growing concern of waste removal on site construction projects and indeed improve not only their own standards but also continually improve client expectations.

By working within a scheme such as this one you will become more skilled and efficient at carrying out your specialist works giving more value back to both client and end user, and instead of having monies deducted at the end of the project which may end in dispute you can react to any waste issues at the time where you will be given the opportunity to rectify, without further cost being incurred.

Many Management Companies are now looking to include the within their Project KPIs simply measuring the Sub Contractors ability to perform to the highest standards and also take into account  and measure sub - contractors performance on a Regional and National basis and in doing so giving contractors further opportunities and continuity.